21ST - 26TH



Dear patrons, 

Thank you all for your support and dedication to making Tempted 2 Touch the premier LGBT spring break event. Over the past 11 years, beginning in 2007 we have grown from a few local residents to thousands of international participants making the annual trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.

With any undertaking of this scale there are obstacles and ever-changing regulations that we must adhere to. However, we kept you as our first priority and gathered the best promoters and talent to deliver a top-notch experience.

Las Vegas is growing. We’d like to believe we played a part in making the city a more inclusive and diverse place, especially for LGBT of color.

Consequently, that expansion comes with new rules and regulations. From special permits, to operating requirements, we have to do a bit of restructuring to adhere to the rules of the gaming authority of Nevada.

Tempted 2 Touch is a Las Vegas event. The easier route would have been to move all of the events far off the strip. But, that would not be fair to you.

Your loyalty deserves to be given the best. We want to keep our standards high and give patrons a great venue, a professionally organized event, and a perfect vacation getaway.

We apologize to say this event will not be happening this year.

But, we will be back in 2020!!  #T2T2020

Warmest regards,

Mr. Joe Chavira, President [aka Mr Mexican Joe]
Tempted 2 Touch Ent inc /Desert Heat Entertainments Inc --